Services & Topics

Our comprehensive list of services covers the entire scope of ones DEI needs. We take a holistic approach to identifying, analyzing, and addressing the unique challenges associated with sustainable DEI practice. Below you will find brief descriptions of the services we offer. Please contact us for a complete service guide!

DEI Assessment & Diagnostic

DEI State Assessment & Diagnostic

DEI Assessment & Diagnostic

Uncover strengths and opportunities through comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analyses of your organization’s DEI position.

Our Assessment & Diagnostic services include:

DEI Assessment: Analyze organization’s DEI sustainability platform across 7 key activators – internal policy, talent, culture, community, brand, analytics, and leadership.

DEI Talent Procurement Assessment: Examine stages of organization’s talent procurement stream, assessing risk of implicit bias and potential inequities.

Talent and Inclusion Assessment: Comprehensive survey to assess current state of culture, engagement, and inclusion.

Custom Surveys and Assessments: Capture current state DEI practices and impact through tailored surveys and assessments.

DEI Strategic Planning

DEI Strategy Development

DEI Strategic Planning

Build various DEI solutions to meet the needs of organizations and design and deliver customized learning experiences that engage leaders and employees around unconscious bias, inclusive leadership behaviors, collaboration, and innovation.

Our strategic planning services include:

DEI strategic planning and Blueprint: Create or refine an end-to-end DEI approach, including vision, strategic plan, actions and short- and long- term goals, informed by best-practices and in-depth cross-industry experience.

DEI Operating Manual Design: Craft organizational governance to address diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Employee Resource Group and Inclusion Forum Strategy: Develop vision, infrastructure, plan, and measurable analytics for Employee Resource Groups or Inclusion Forum in order to create sustainable in house DEI committees.

DEI Education Solutions

DEI Learning Solutions

DEI Education Solutions

Immerse in full- or half-day in-person or virtual interactive experiences that teach and guide learners on identified areas of need. We design a unique learning experience for you and your employees that incorporate both the climate and culture of the business/ organization we are assisting.

Our Foundational Educational services include:

BTB Learner Experience: Immerse in an interactive, in-person, all- or half-day session that guides learners through hands-on inclusion curriculum .

BTB Leadership Assessment and Coaching: Identify drivers of inclusive leadership behavior through quantitative and qualitative analyses and coach on leadership behaviors.

Unconscious Drive Diagnostic: Recognize impact of bias and build a toolkit to address it through a proprietary workshop.

Customized Learning Services: We understand the unique challenges posed by DEI learning. Let us create a customized learning solution tailored to the culture and climate of your work space.

DEI Analytics & Program Support

DEI Analytics & Program Support

DEI Analysis & Program Support

Design and launch interactive DEI analytics dashboards, communication efforts, custom talent programs, and more!

Our Analytics & Program Support services include:

DEI Development and Evaluation Toolkit: Create a DEI analytics strategy and build an effective dashboard that assesses progress of DEI efforts and identifies what success looks like.

DEI Communications: Build comprehensive communications strategy and plan to drive DEI engagement.

DEI Program Support of New and Existing DEI Initiatives: Engage in ongoing, targeted program management and execution customized to organization’s needs (e.g., diversity recruiting efforts, senior leader toolkits/playbooks, supplier diversity, etc.)